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"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” – Leonardo DaVinci

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Update on Club maintenance

Greetings everyone. Here's a brief update on the work we've done around our Clubhouse and hangar. 

Our landscaping is now complete and some seed has been spread. The base for the taxiway is now much firmer which will allow for better hangar access in the spring and fall.  I'd like to take t…

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Welcome to 2020

Back from the “Sunshine State”, although a wee bit early this year for reasons obvious to most. We're not really happy about it but it seemed prudent and it’s always nice to come home. Quarantining for another day or two. 


There is nothing new to report as far as the status of …

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2019, and another great year

Greetings everyone.  Everything has been winterized and put to bed so with that, another fun summer has come to an end. 

As I have mentioned in the past, it’s only with the commitment of all of our volunteers that things work out so well. Thanks to everyone!
It appears that airport owner…

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Spring 2019 News

It appears that a tough winter (for many) is coming to an end, and warmer flying weather is approaching. 

We had a very good winter in Florida but due to some aircraft upgrading I did less flying than normal. Still, it was nice to be where the only ice is in the Margaritas.

At our AGM i…

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Fall 2018 News

Greetings everyone. Here we are at the end of yet another flying season. All ‘round, it was a pretty good summer in Southern Ontario, particularly if you enjoy the heat.  

Our Club attracted several new members this year, and there are a couple of new aircraft at the field and a “new” …

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Fall 2018 News

Greetings everyone. Here we are at the end of yet another flying season. All ‘round, it was a pretty good summer in Southern Ontario, particularly if you enjoy the heat.  

Our Club attracted several new members this year, and there are a couple of new aircraft at the field and a “new” hang…

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Welcome to 2018 & another year of flying fun

Hello everyone 

We are still down in Trumpland for a few more weeks, and are enjoying what’s left of winter. Not trying to rub it in but the heat has been very intense since the end of January. I’m not complaining, but flying my little “greenhouse” has been a very warm experience.

It …

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Vimy Flight, one of the highlights of our busy 2017

Well here we are in mid-June already, and our schedule of events is starting to take shape. The first being our Father's Day Fly-in on Sunday, June 18th. Hopefully the weather gods will cooperate and lots of pilots will enjoy our great Canadian breakfast.

Then, we have something a little di…

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A new summer flying season awaits


As winter winds down everywhere, we're all anticipating the upcoming summer flying season.


From here in Florida, we've seen that Southern Ontario has ha…

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Greetings from Florida

Hi everyone!

I escaped to the sunny south shortly after our Mess Hall dinner, which was a very interesting evening with Ian Robertson. I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed hearing him speak so eloquently about a place that is dear to our hearts. Hopefully you had a chance to examine the old photos th…

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COPA for Kids 2016 A Team Effort

Happy August 2016 everyone. 

I'd like to extend my many thanks to all of the Club members who volunteered their time on a summer Saturday to help out with our COPA for Kids program this year.  It still amazes me that we are never short of helpers for our Club events.

A very special than…

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Summer's Here and the Flying is Easy

Hello Everyone,

It was a whirlwind as usual, but our Father's Day Fly-in breakfast in mid June was a great success.  

The weather gods were cooperative and although it was a warm day, we had a beautiful morning to welcome over 50 fliers from all over southern Ontario to our historic airpo…

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Florida Flying

Greetings from Florida! We've been enjoying the warmer temperatures and sunny days, which is giving us plenty of time for a number of short trips around the area. This week, Mary Rae and I took a run up to Avon Park (just south of Kissimmee) to visit with Prince Edward Flying Club members, Glen …

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President's Perspectives...Fall update 2015

We're now at the end of what has been a beautiful and busy summer and fall. We enjoyed many Club-related activities, and must thank the "weather gods" because even with a few scheduling changes, our events benefited from some gorgeous summer and fall weather.

A couple of the highlights…

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President's Perspectives...Spring update

What a great spring morning for our first flying club breakfast! I'm sure everyone would agree that it was nice to see many familiar faces after what was to all accounts, yet another "old school" Canadian winter. 

We have to thank Jim, Jackie, Terry and Mary Rae for handling all of the cookin…

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President's Perspectives...Winter update...

Hello to all of our members wherever you are at this time of year....

We are very fortunate to be able to spend the frigid months in South Florida and take advantage of the wonderful flying weather that is associated.  We fly regularly to small airports that litter the landscape down here and it …

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President's Perspectives

This year has been a busy one for our Club and I would say, fun as well.   

Early this spring of 2014, we decided that the exterior of the Clubhouse was beyond paint, so something serious had to be done. New siding seemed to be the best solution, which is the direction we took. Over the course …

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Club member featured in video published a great feature entitled,  "Canada 2014: 10 places you've got to see". And one of those places was none other than our very own County of Prince Edward in Ontario.

The "Country Strong" feature also includes a video. Starring in the opening sequence is Prince Edward Flying …

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