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Greetings from Florida

Hi everyone!

I escaped to the sunny south shortly after our Mess Hall dinner, which was a very interesting evening with Ian Robertson. I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed hearing him speak so eloquently about a place that is dear to our hearts. Hopefully you had a chance to examine the old photos that Ian brought with him. It was quite a time for those young men and women, and the townsfolk alike.

As most of you are aware, our Clubhouse will be used on a regular basis this winter. This will help Loch Sloy with cash flow, and hopefully our building will not suffer.In any case, Jacqui Burley has assured me that it will be maintained and all expenses will be covered.  

Enjoy your last breakfast of the year on Nov. 13th, and I hope the Farmer's Almanac is wrong in their prediction of "downright frigid weather " this winter.  



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