Prince Edward Flying Club (CNT7)

“I think it is a pity to lose the romantic side of flying and simply to accept it as a common means of transport.” – Amy Johnson

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Vimy Flight, one of the highlights of our busy 2017

Well here we are in mid-June already, and our schedule of events is starting to take shape. The first being our Father's Day Fly-in on Sunday, June 18th. Hopefully the weather gods will cooperate and lots of pilots will enjoy our great Canadian breakfast.

Then, we have something a little different planned. We'll have our regular Canada Day barbie for Club members and their guests on July 3rd. However before that (likely earlier in the day), we will be visited by the Vimy Flight. This is the group of replica WW1 Newport aircraft that is touring Canada after appearing at Vimy, France back in April 2017. 
Our annual Air Cadet Barbecue is planned once again for July, and our volunteers always have fun interacting with all of the young aviators.  It's likely to be a two-day event as it was last year. Watch for more details.
In August, COPA for Kids will be on the 19th. Just prior to that, we're expecting a visit from an Airtour group that has decided (with slight persuasion) to spend a few days in The County to enjoy everything we take for granted!  I know a few of them and they are all about airplanes!
Should be a good summer if we don't all float away...

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