Prince Edward Flying Club (CNT7)

“I think it is a pity to lose the romantic side of flying and simply to accept it as a common means of transport.” – Amy Johnson

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Welcome to 2020

Back from the “Sunshine State”, although a wee bit early this year for reasons obvious to most. We're not really happy about it but it seemed prudent and it’s always nice to come home. Quarantining for another day or two. 


There is nothing new to report as far as the status of the airport so we will carry on as usual this summer until things change.  


We'll have to cancel our April breakfast which was scheduled for the 19th because it’s pretty tight quarters in our Clubhouse and our demographic is generally older...not a good combination at this time. I’m reluctant to do this since I know people look forward to catching up after a long winter.  No choice unfortunately.  


Our AGM in May might have to be delayed as well. We'll keep you posted as the weeks progress.


Last fall's PEFC work party accomplished quite a lot and things are generally in pretty good shape. Perhaps a more comprehensive hangar fix up is in order this year. Resetting circuit breakers is getting old and needs to be addressed.


One thing I would like to mention. I encourage people to take a few minutes to socialize by phone (or FaceTime) with other Club members since our breakfasts and meetings have had to be cancelled. I know how disappointing it is for everyone and am looking forward to things returning to normal... sooner rather than later.


Stay healthy.



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